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Go Red is a community of passionate individuals and organisations that campaign to promote literacy and a greater understanding of dyslexia.

Why Go Red?

The dreaded red, a colour we’ve all seen throughout our education. The red marker used to highlight our mistakes is all too familiar for dyslexics around the world. Associations have chosen this colour to take back its meaning and globally promote dyslexia awareness. Starting in Australia (find out more about how it started here), this movement has grown worldwide with organisations from the UK, Canada, and USA all joining the campaign. Get involved and lets' go red to succeed with dyslexia!


Helping out is easy! October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, just Go Red to join in. It is our aim during Dyslexia Awareness Month to encourage people to Go Red, either by changing their website logo to red, lighting a local building red, or just by wearing red t-shirts.

We are lucky to work with leading dyslexia ambassadors, groups, and organisations worldwide to overcome barriers and help people succeed with dyslexia. Many organisations are already planning to Go Red with events and lighting up local buildings including; Code Read, Decoding Dyslexia Oregon, The Dyslexia Association of Singapore, and the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association.

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The colour red started making an appearance on landmarks in various global locations after an initial campaign founded in Australia in 2015 called Code Read. The founders were mothers who whose aim was to raise greater awareness of dyslexia and advocated for their children. The fact you’re reading this today is testament to their commitment and success. Many dyslexia campaigners share common goals around equal access to literacy and reading, pushing for:

• dyslexia-aware teachers
• early screening and identification
• appropriate support